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We are brewing small batch craft beer in the cellar of the Bed and Breakfast. Using our one-barrel brewhouse, we are making a variety of beers over the course of the year, including our three standards: Innkeeper’s India Pale Ale, Hazel River Brown, and Little Devil Blonde. We will be adding monthly and seasonal beers to keep up the variety.

Our beers are made with local barley that is malted by our neighbors at Copper Fox Distillery, and feature local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, such as hops, honey, fruit and herbs.

All of our beer is sold fresh on site: by the taste, the pint, and the growler fill. We are also bottling some varieties, and will be offering large-format bottles on occassion. 


What’s On Tap

We have three standard beers on tap, and will be adding selections monthly and seasonally so there is always something new.


Little Devil Blonde

Following the Belgian tradition, the Blonde Ale is light in color, low in bittering hops and highly carbonated. This beer is appealing to those who like a lighter, refreshing style.
Hazel River Brown

Medium malty flavor typical of an American Brown Ale with coffee flavors, a hint of chocolate and medium-high bitterness. The dry finish provides an aftertaste having both malt and hops. Late hop additions add a subtle citrusy character.

Innkeeper’s IPA

A modestly hoppy, almost “sessionable” American pale ale with citrusy hop aroma derived from local hops. Smooth, medium-light to medium-bodied mouthfeel without hop-derived astringency.


Saison de Printemps

Spring sunshine in a glass! This orange-hued farmhouse ale has a white head that leaves "Belgian lace" on the glass as it fades. The flavor is floral and citrusy, with only a hint of maltiness.  It is light on the palate despite its 6.0 ABV. The finish is clean and refreshing.

Kaiser Run Rye Imperial Ale

Let the citrus/floral notes tickle your nose. Hints of spice on the front are followed by assertive bitterness and then more malty spice. The mouthfeel is full and silky smooth.


Sperryville VerryChille Kölsch

This pale golden beer recipe originates from Cologne and is clean, crisp, and light on the palate. The aroma of hops is subtle with malt flavors predominating. A thirst-quenching lawnmower beer that embodies the seasonal zeitgeist of Sperryville.

Our beers are unfiltered, contain no preservatives, and are best enjoyed fresh.



B&B Guest Offerings


B&B Guests are invited to visit the brewery and taste what we have on tap, and of course enjoy fresh beer during their stay. Choose between a complimentary tasting or pint. Beer tastings in the cellar are available to B&B guests between 3 and 6pm Fridays through Sundays, or by appointment. 

Growlers are also available for purchase so you can take our beer home. Bring your own empty growler (a 64 oz. container designed to hold beer) or buy one of ours. We have insulated stainless steel swing-top growlers (keeps beer fresher longer) as well as glass screw-top growlers for sale.


 Community Supported Brewing (CSB)

With our CSB, you become a member of our brewery and come every week or every other week to pick up your pre-paid beer. You choose how frequently you want a growler (1/2 gallon). The 6-month price for a weekly pick-up is $420; and for a bi-weekly pick-up it is $240. A free stainless steel growler is included with your first CSB membership. These prices include applicable taxes and represent a small discount compared with our over-the-counter growler sales.

  • Our growlers are made with two layers of stainless steel to keep your beer colder longer. They also have our logo on them, so you can show it off to your friends.
  • Shares are valid for six months (26 weeks); if you are interested in having beer year round, you can sign up for automatic renewal of your share.
  • Weekly members will receive 24 growler fills over 26 weeks; one growler fill per week.
  • Bi-weekly members will receive 12 growler fills over 26 weeks; one growler fill per two-week period.
  • Shares are transferable, for a one-time pickup or for all remaining weeks in the six-month share; just remember to have someone bring the growler and tell us what’s happening.
  • You can purchase additional growlers and growler fills each week at the Ale Works counter if you need more beer for special occasions.

Note: You pay for and receive fewer pick-ups than there are weeks in the six-month period, so a bi-weekly share includes one "skip week" and a weekly share includes two "skip weeks." This helps if you take a vacation or just can't make it to the brewery once or twice. If you don’t miss any pick-ups, you can purchase another six-month share on your final pick-up, or just sign up for auto-renew and your share will renew automatically.

Pickup days and times: Wednesday 4 – 7 pm; Saturday 1  – 6 pm

Look for the “ALE WORKS” sign outside.hops-in-basket200200


Dr. Amiss’ Amber Ale

Moderate hop aroma results from a late addition of locally-grown cascade hops, which balancies the caramel richness derived from the roasted barley. The mouthfeel is medium-full with a very smooth finish.

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