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Here's what's on tap

Fodderstack Wheat

Light, crisp and refreshing, this American Wheat Beer is perfect on a hot summer day.

Little Devil Blonde

Light in color and low in hops, this Belgian-style Blonde appeals to those who prefer a light style.

Meadow Spring Saison

Spring Sunshine in a glass! This unfiltered farmhouse ale is refreshing and light on the palate.

Dr. Amiss' Amber

A slightly hoppy aroma and rich caramel flavor bring perfect balance to this American Amber Ale.

Wildflower Honey Brown

A chocolaty American Brown Ale made with local honey.

Rappahannock Dubbel

Complex and spicy with soft malt character and moderate hop aroma.

Mary's Rauch

Made with local apple and cherry-smoked malt from Copper Fox Distillery.

Innkeepers' IPA

A moderately hoppy East Coast IPA with citrusy hop aroma and flavor derived from centennial, citra, and cascade hops. The smooth, rich mouthfeel leads to a balanced finish.

Kaiser Run Imperial Rye IPA

Hints of spice on the front are followed by a pleasant bitterness. The mouthfeel is full and smooth.








All our beers are unfiltered, contain no artificial preservatives, and are best enjoyed fresh.