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Here's what's on tap

Sperryville Verrychille Kölsch

A light-bodied German-style ale; perfect for cooling down on a hot day.


Little Devil Blonde

Light in color and low in hops, this Belgian-style Blonde appeals to those who prefer a light style.


Dr. Amiss’ Amber

A slightly hoppy aroma and rich caramel flavor bring perfect balance to this American Amber Ale.


Wildflower Honey Brown

A chocolaty American Brown Ale made with local wildflower honey. .


Rappahannock Dubbel

Belgian-style Dubbel made with juniper berries.

Second Breakfast Stout

This coffee-oatmeal-milk stout has a silky mouthfeel and perky bitter finish. Made with Central Coffee Roasters H.O. Blend!

Never Again Pumpkin Ale

It’s a miracle! An unexpected pumpkin appeared in our compost pile, et voila…

Sassy Fox Rye Ale

Made with sassafras-smoked rye, the rye spice and ample bittering hops combine for a unique flavor.  

Innkeepers' IPA

A moderately hoppy East Coast IPA with citrusy hop aroma and flavor derived from centennial, citra, and cascade hops. The smooth, rich mouthfeel leads to a balanced finish.


All our beers are unfiltered, contain no artificial preservatives, and are best enjoyed fresh.