If you want to have the beer regularly and save money, become a member in our CSB (Community Supported Brewing). You pay in advance, and we provide you with one of our high-quality swing top stainless steel growlers. Come in regularly, taste what’s on tap, and choose your growler fill to enjoy at home or on your visit to the area. Talk to us about this deal on your next visit, or give us a call.

DETAILS: We offer two subscription levels: a full share ($420 for 24 growler fills) and a half share ($240 for 12 growler fills). Come as often as you like over a six-month period, taste what's on tap, and choose a beer to fill your growler. The Hopkins Ordinary stainless steel growler is included free with your first CSB membership.

Shareholders save money in the long run. Our average growler-fill price is $22, but half-share members pay an average of $20 per growler fill, and full-share members pay just $17.50.

Shares are transferable. Just have someone bring in the growler and tell us what's happening.

You are welcome to fill your growler as frequently as you like (you don't have to wait two weeks between pickups). We will be recording your pickups and will let you know when you are nearing the end of your share. When you have received all of your pickups, you can purchase another share, or sign up for auto-renew and your share will renew automatically.

You can purchase additional growlers and growler fills each week at the Ale Works counter if you need more beer for special occasions, so come in and taste our brews, and decide whether a share makes sense for you.

Pickup days and times: Wednesday 4 – 7 pm; Fridays 3 - 6 pm, Saturday 1– 6 pm

Look for the “ALE WORKS” sign outside.