Here's what's on tap

Fodderstack Wheat

Light in color and low in hops, this American Wheat Beer is made with a both wheat and rye. It appeals to those who prefer a light style.

Stik's Stud Finder Blonde

A little light on top, full around the middle, but always finishes on time. 


Innkeepers' IPA

A moderately hoppy East Coast IPA (India Pale Ale) with citrusy hop aroma and flavor derived from centennial, citra, and cascade hops. The smooth, rich mouthfeel leads to a balanced finish.

Meadow Spring Saison

Spring Sunshine in a glass! This unfiltered farmhouse ale is enhanced with lemongrass, coriander seed,  and orange peel.

Wildflower Honey Brown

A chocolaty American Brown Ale made with local honey. 


Pass Mountain Imperial Porter

A Baltic-style Porter aged in a Copper Fox whisky barrel for six months. Rich, dark and boozy with hints of anise and chocolate.




All our beers are unfiltered, contain no artificial preservatives, and are best enjoyed fresh.