Hopkins Ordinary is located at 47 Main Street in Historic Sperryville, Virginia 22740. Here are driving directions from Shenandoah National Park and three nearby metropolitan areas. If you need directions from another location, don't hesitate to ask.

From Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park

Exit Skyline Drive at milepost 31, Thornton Gap, onto Route 211 East. After about 5 miles, turn right onto Main Street Sperryville (also known as Route 1001), go about a quarter mile, and turn left into the Hopkins Ordinary parking lot. If you reach the first stop sign, you have passed the Ordinary; it is about 50 yards behind you.

From the Washington DC Area

Take Interstate 66 West to Exit 31 (Route 245/The Plains/Old Tavern). Turn left and drive south on Route 245 past Old Tavern for approximately 2 miles to the stop sign at the intersection with U.S. Highway 17. Turn left and drive south on Highway 17 toward Warrenton. Stay on the highway as it becomes Business 17 (do not take the bypass) and in a few blocks you will be in Warrenton. Turn right at the first stop light onto Business 17/Business 29/U.S. 211 West toward Culpeper. In just over half a mile, at a large intersection, turn right onto 211 West toward Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park. Proceed west on 211 for approximately 25 miles. About 1/2 mile after Route 211 changes from two lanes to one, turn left onto Sperryville Pike. Turn right at the stop sign, and turn right again into the Hopkins Ordinary parking lot about 50 yards from the corner. The drive is about 75 miles (less than 2 hours).

From the Richmond Area

Take I-95 North to Fredericksburg. Take Route 3 West to Culpeper, follow the signs through Culpeper to Route 522 North and take 522 North toward Sperryville. In Sperryville, pass the corner store on your left and then turn right into the Hopkins Ordinary parking lot. The trip is about 100 miles (2 hours).

From the Charlottesville Area

Take Route 29 North to Madison. Turn left onto Route 231 North and take Route 231 North until it ends at Route 522. Turn left onto Route 522 North and follow it into Sperryville. Pass the corner store on your left and then turn right into the Hopkins Ordinary parking lot. The drive is about 60 miles and will take just over an hour.